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  • Creating a Positive Corporate Culture for Employee Engagement
    Creating a Positive Corporate Culture for Employee Engagement

    Corporate culture, when nurtured properly, creates a workforce that is not only dedicated but also emotionally and intellectually committed to the organization’s goals. This exploration delves into effective strategies for nurturing a resilient and vibrant organizational culture. Additionally, it addresses the critical challenge of rejuvenating cultures that may have grown weak or toxic, offering valuable…

  • La importancia de la inteligencia emocional en la era de la inteligencia artificial

    Por qué la inteligencia emocional (IE) se ha convertido en una competencia clave en la era de la inteligencia artificial (IA)

  • Nuevas tendencias en el mercado de trabajo

    La escasez de talento seguirá creciendo 10 consejos para desenvolverse en este entorno

  • La diversidad en el talento

    El valor del talento sénior en las organizaciones Más allá de los 55 años

  • Women’s Leadership 2022

    Do women contribute more than diversity, another perspective or more humanity in companies? Is it valued? Specifically, do they add value to companies, or rather, do they improve the work environment?

  • Corporate Governance in the Middle East

    Over the years, corporate governance function has helped to hold companies accountable, while helping them steer clear of financial, legal, and ethical pitfalls. The benefits of a well structure corporate governance function in organisations has had visible benefits by instilling set policies and rules that has helped to bind complex organisations cohesively. It has inevitably…

  • Hydrogen-Industry Outlook

    A clean energy agenda is on top of most CEOs’ priorities currently because of the world’s increasingly urgent imperative to embrace energy transition. Hydrogen has a long-standing relationship with heavy industries. The utility of hydrogen makes it possible to be used in industries in varied ways such as fuel for transportation, heat to produce steel/concrete,…

  • Eleven Lessons from HR Professionals in Ukraine

    Co-Authored by Uliana Morokhovska and Wendy Ulrich For HR to continue to advance as a profession, it must [1] identify trends that affect value for stakeholders and [2] discover innovations that inform future work to address those trends.

  • Can Leadership be Sustainable?

    What Sustainable Leadership means? Rui Guedes de Quinhones shares a detailed insights on Can Leadership be Sustainable?

  • Sustainability 2021 – ESG is the next big thing

    The pandemic has compelled organizations to rethink on what they believe is truly important, and sustainability has come out on top. With various industries sharpening their focus on ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance), it is expected that this trend will only accelerate in the years to come and offer great opportunity to develop new business models.…