Consumer Goods, Services and Retail

For over 50 years, the consultants of STATUS EMA PARTNERS have provided service to our clients in the consumer goods and services sectors in global, regional and domestic markets. We are very well aware that the sector is constantly evolving and that its leaders face daily challenges that threaten to not only reduce market share but also erode margins.

To survive, enterprises in the consumer goods, services and retail areas must be prepared to quickly respond to the needs of consumers, while at the same time dealing with rising costs.

These sectors need dynamic and energetic leaders who are instinctively and intuitively in sync with the market. Their executives must be capable of offering the products and services that consumers want.

In addition to having a clear market approach, these executives are experts at finance, they are excellent managers of change and they are capable of creating a vision that can pave the way for innovative products and new approaches and processes. Being an expert in technology is essential for supervising and administering the complex management systems of the supply chain.

Our consultants have helped to consistently bring dynamic and high-performance leaders to our clients. We thereby contribute to building the next generation of emerging leaders, who will prepare their organizations to compete and prosper in the future.

We support a wide range of clients in the following areas:

  • Fast-moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)
  • Professional services
  • Retail
  • Food Services
  • Electronic commerce (E-commerce)
  • Travel / Hospitality

Banking and Financial Services

The financial sector has undergone considerable consolidation in recent years. Globalization and the credit crisis have redefined the industry, consequently resulting in a changing environment that is forcing organizations to redesign their strategies. To compete in this environment, companies must attract and retain executives who have a set of specialized skills in their area.

At STATUS EMA PARTNERS we have vast experience in supporting the search for and retention of talent, not only at large domestic financial institutions but also at small and medium enterprises of the financial services sector.

  • Commercial and Retail Banking
  • Risk Capital and Venture Capital
  • Investment Banking
  • Private Banking
  • Real Estate
  • Asset management Insurance

Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare

Scientific research, technological advances and the constant innovations in healthcare and life sciences are creating challenges and opportunities in this vibrant and innovative sector. There is a blossoming of various sub-sectors as a result of the intersection between science, technology and the development of new products and services.

We support our clients in the following areas:

  • Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Companies
  • Medical Devices Enterprises
  • Hospital Sector
  • Public Health Systems
  • Medical and Pharmaceutical Research
  • Corporate and Private Health Services Medical Insurers

Technology, Media and Telecommunications (TMT)

Technology and communications are essential for all enterprises. Keeping a competitive advantage means offering latest-generation products and services, adapting to changing market conditions and capitalizing on commercial opportunities. For global Technology, Media and Communications enterprises, maximizing their performance means maximizing their customers’ performance. To be successful, the industry needs multi-talented leaders who are innovative and who have exceptional market vision and a global perspective.

We support our clients in the following areas:

  • Telecommunications
  • Hardware and Systems
  • Technology Consulting Firms
  • Software
  • IT Services and outsourcing
  • Media and Digital Communications Sector


Ever since the industrial revolution, industry has formed the basis of the global economy. Despite the recent economic recession, the perspectives for industry continue to be positive.

Quality leadership can manage the daily operations, but visionary leaders are required to transform organizations, to achieve differential results and continuous growth and to maintain and increase a company’s position in the market.

Our experts on the industrial sector know that executive talent will make the true competitive difference in critical areas such as emerging markets, global expansion, product diversification, process improvement and outsourcing. We are aware of how senior executives need to develop distinctive, innovative and value-added solutions. Moreover, today’s leaders need to improve their leadership in order to have an immediate impact, while proving their ability to not only establish short-term strategies but also have a long-term vision.

At STATUS EMA PARTNERS we work with domestic and international industrial enterprises to bring in dynamic and differential executive talent.

Our consultants have great experience in and knowledge of these areas:

  • Automotive
  • Food
  • Chemical Industry
  • Construction and construction materials and equipment
  • Electronic and electrical products
  • Machinery and capital goods Paper and packaging


Universities and academic institutions must compete to attract the best academic talent and the best students. To do so, they need leadership that transforms their institutions into recognized places of learning due to their academic programmes and their research and innovation.

Leaders of the education sector must acquire and appropriately administer their funds, they must secure financing from both public and private sources, and they must establish strategic associations with commercial enterprises. They must achieve academic and research excellence and tackle the challenge represented by reduced budgets.

At STATUS EMA PARTNERS we are helping our clients create executive management teams that are capable of transforming universities, colleges and schools into institutions of reference.

  • Universities
  • Business schools
  • Professional training centres
  • Research centres Schools

Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and Foundations

Leaders of non-profit organizations are responsible for building professional teams that have the capacity to provide quality products and services and compete for limited support and financing.

At STATUS EMA PARTNERS we have helped to strengthen these institutions by bringing in professionals with the necessary talent and passion for assuring the management of these types of highly important and complex organizations.

  • Charitable organizations
  • Non-profit associations and organizations
  • Private and public fundraising organizations for social and cooperation activities.