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  • Sustainability 2021 – ESG is the next big thing

    The pandemic has compelled organizations to rethink on what they believe is truly important, and sustainability has come out on top. With various industries sharpening their focus on ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance), it is expected that this trend will only accelerate in the years to come and offer great opportunity to develop new business models. […]

  • Are C-Suite leaders ready for the resurgence? A MENA region perspective

    What does MENA resurgence mean for C-Suite leaders The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region is recovering rapidly from the pandemic thanks to government led micro & macroeconomic measures and swift vaccination drives. The pandemic had a significant impact on the region’s GDP, which fell by 3.8 percent in 2020, forcing MENA governments to stretch their […]

  • New blood in the Mittelstand sector: revitalising, if chosen wisely

    The German Mittelstand (1) has a long, deeply culturally-rooted tradition. Its origins lie in innovation, usually technical, and an endeavour to continuously optimise products and customer value. Intensive technological development often goes hand in hand with significant value creation and high capital investment. Very often, a certain type of business has developed from this: At […]


    HOW TO SUCCESSFULLY TRANSITION TO A NEW COMPANY  > Human beings are creatures of habit, making it difficult for us to adapt to new environments. We are always looking for routines and what is familiar to us, so change brings uncertainty, unease and nervousness. > One of those moments occurs when we decide to change our job and […]